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Mark Patterson, LEED AP, has been working in the library furniture industry for over 15 years before starting his own company- SOURCEinteriors.

Now, together with an innovative team of designers, architects, manufacturers, and installers, Source Interiors creates unique customer based project environments.  Source Interiors prides itself on successful job operations and happy customers.  When building and managing jobs from design to installation, we provide exceptional customer service with careful attention to job organization and meticulous detail.

We believe that the best way to a successful project is through the utilization of a strong team. And a successful project means the total, overall, end result - not just the FF&E package. When we work together with architects, designers, contractors, suppliers, vendors and the owners, the absolute best integrated design can be achieved. Most importantly – when working together with experienced professionals many of the usual problems and headaches of building and renovation can be avoided. We do our job well so our customers can continue with their jobs. Whether it's a traditional or LEED project, a team of professionals ensures that everyone works together and sees the project through to its successful completion.

Forsyth County Public Library has found Source Interiors to be a professional company that puts the client's needs first. We can depend on getting our questions answered and our problems solved with Mark Patterson.”
Carla Beasley, Forsyth County Public Library System