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green leed

Mark Patterson, LEED AP, has an eye on the future and the direction new building and renovation construction is moving.  Environmental concerns and public funding for projects is creating a demand for LEED certified projects.  The benefits of Green Building include vast environmental and economic impacts, as well as, various health and community improvements.  Source Interiors will help guide customers, through this new market transformation, to sustainable building practices that are both measurable AND practical.  Because Mark is so detail oriented, he helps the customer through the various project profiles and policies, providing the resources and framework for implementation.  He considers being a steward for the LEED credit system exciting and will help ease any fears associated with this "new" era of building and design.  Advancing a Green Building project through the certification process can be an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved.

...His approach is collegial and he keenly asserts positive solutions in design development. From my view, he manages client relations in a timely, respectful manner. There is a great amount of detail and service which accompanies any project of the scope he manages. His affable manner is assuring as he handles the ever-present challenges presented in project fulfillment. He provides a team that stays the course. I rely on his expertise and enjoy working with him.”
Pat Harris, NCIDQ Harris Interior Design